"For People and Planet" - Irish Aid Awards

Both 6th classes recently finished and submitted their projects on the theme of ‘For People and Planet’ for the 2017 Our World, Irish Aid Awards

The Irish Aid Awards seek to enable pupils to learn about the lives of children and their families in developing countries, and how Ireland, through Irish Aid, and 192 other countries in the United Nations are working together to create a safer and fairer world, and a better future for all the world’s children. Pupils, as global citizens, can play their part by taking part in these awards and engaging with these issues.

The 6th class pupils engaged eagerly in this project and produced some fantastic projects in the art room over a period of three weeks. 

There are projects on Irish Aid’s eight partner countries : Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Malawi, Vietnam, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and also on the Global Goals for Sustainable Development as agreed by the United Nations in 2015. The aim of the Global Goals is to make a better life for all people now and in the future. 193 countries, including Ireland, have promised to work really hard together to achieve the Goals by the year 2030.

Have a look at our fantastic projects!