Rosa Parks by Jena Deegan, 4th Class

Rosa Parks is not somebody you will know, like Ed Sheeran, Little Mix or Lionel Messi. Rosa Parks is not a singer or a sports star but she is a hero. Let me tell you why......

She was born on February the 4th 1913 in Alabama, America. She had a little brother and a nice Mom and Dad. She lived on a farm. When she was young she was scared of a group called the Klu Klux Klan. The KKK did very hateful things to black people like burning their homes and beating them up!

During this time, the place where Rosa lived was segregated. This means that things were different for white people and black people. They had different schools, churches and shops and black people were not treated equally. When Rosa took the bus to work she would have to sit at the back because she was black. Sometimes she would have to stand, even if there were seats at the front. Those seats were only for white people. One day Rosa was sitting on the bus when a white man got on. The bus driver told Rosa to get up and give him her seat. Rosa was so angry and she was sick of being treated differently just because of the colour of her skin. She would not give up her seat so the bus driver called the police. She got arrested for breaking the law! 

From this day on, Rosa led other black people in protests and marches. They all decided to boycott the buses. This means they would not ride the bus anymore. This lasted for over a year! Finally the segregation laws in Alabama came to an end because of their actions. Rosa Parkes is a hero because she fought for equal rights and she made a difference.