We offer reading recovery intervention to children in Senior Infants or First Class who are experiencing difficulties with their reading or writing.

Reading Recovery is a short-term literacy intervention provided in the school by a trained Reading Recovery Teacher. It provides intensive, individual support for the children who need help most. The goal of the programme is for children to develop effective reading and writing strategies and bring them up to average literacy levels for their age group. 

Once a child who needs help is identified, the Reading Recovery teacher provides individually-tailored half-hour lessons every day for up to 20 weeks. These lessons are designed to address each child’s specific learning needs, and include a variety of reading and writing tasks.

Reading Recovery intervention is a proven method to help struggling readers before the gap between them and their peers becomes too wide. It aids better learning outcomes for children as they move forward through school, and also helps to strengthen self-esteem for children who have difficulty with reading and writing.