Opened in 1933, and situated in one of Galway's most historic areas, the Claddagh National School has developed into a modern, progressive and child-focused primary school with over 300 pupils and a staff of over 60.


We pride ourselves on our friendly, open community of learning where children of all backgrounds and abilities can learn and play together in happiness and safety. We focus not just on our children's academic development, but also on their physical and emotional well-being. The school runs many innovative, progressive initiatives to develop the children's minds and bodies. We also offer the children the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports and activities. 


Our children enjoy the benefits of small class sizes, which often feature less than 20 students, and an extensive range of after-school activities. We are delighted to have the St. Nicholas Preschool and After-School Service (2.30-4.30 p.m.) also located on-site here in Claddagh.

There has been extensive development of our facilities in recent years. Claddagh School features a modern gymnasium, a purpose-built centre for children with autism, a wonderful infant playground, and fully-modernised classrooms. We have also made smart boards, laptops and iPads available to support our teaching.


Our art room, established in 1993, is run by a dedicated art teacher and provides the children with a unique artistic experience.

The Claddagh School is justifiably well-known for music. Our award-winning band leads the opening of Galway's Oyster Festival each September, as well as marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade each year, a tradition that has been kept alive for over 40 years.


Our school choir, already brilliant and constantly improving, has performed extensively in Galway and even farther afield, entertaining locals and visitors alike. 


Proud of our history and never afraid to cut a template for the future, we constantly try to make Claddagh National School a place where all children can feel part of a caring community, a place where they can experience a rich diversity of learning and happily reach their full potential. 

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