Our First Steps Literacy programme guides the children of our school through the learning of reading, writing and speaking of English in a structured and enjoyable way.

We explore the various aspects of writing in class as we work together on topics such as news, creative story writing, recipes and science experiments. As the children progress through the years they are encouraged to write independently.

We link the learning of reading to these topics and in turn explore our wide range of class novels through the many activity-based lessons of the First Steps Reading Programme.

Storytellers, authors and poets visit our classes and the children are given the opportunity to engage with them through workshops and interactive sessions. 

Our First Steps Speaking and Listening Programme encourages each child to build a word bank of vocabulary and develop their ability and confidence with language. All this is done through learning activities which are integrated with First Steps Reading and Writing.

As the children of our school are celebrated as learners, their First Steps Literacy work is frequently shared and published through display in the school, on our school website and in our annual school magazine.