And now.... Claddagh's Greatest Show('s Dress Rehearsal)

There was just so much to see at this year’s Senior Christmas show, we’re going to have to ration the pictures out piece by piece.

What can be said of “Claddagh’s Greatest Show”? Simply this: It more than lived up to its name.

Apart from that, we’ll let the pictures tell the story of the almost unbelievable amount of work, preparation, skill and talent that came together to create this, a production that could easily hold its own against any other, up to and including on a national stage.

Special credit, of course, must go to Ms. Rosemary Ledwith, the creative and executive driving force behind the entire production: Her talent, hard work and organisational skill was truly awe-inspiring. Ok, we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves now. Here, first of all, are a few choice shots from the dress rehearsal on Tuesday, 18th December.