Our Champion Comes Home

Mr. Thornton, our Senior Infants Teacher, returned to work today in Claddagh National School after a most remarkable week - He has just finished running seven marathons on seven continents in seven days... and won them all!

Mr. Thornton, a well-known and highly experienced elite runner, achieved this incredible feat of fitness, speed and endurance with victories in the World Marathon Challenge races in Antarctica, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Portugal, Colombia and in Miami, U.S.A.

To say we are proud to have this incredible sportsman, great teacher and all-round good guy on our staff is quite an understatement. Go, go, Gary!

A Night at the Oscars

This is a tough one.

We might have to invent a new word to describe how simply marvellous, wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary, awesome, brilliant, magnificent, outstanding, tremendous, sensational, terrific, entertaining and enjoyable the senior children's performance of our very own "Night at the Oscars" was.

The many, many children of the choir sang like professionals; the dancers went at it like Broadway stars; the musicians played like professionals (even the ones that aren't actually professionals!); and our presenters wouldn't have been out of place at the other Oscars ceremony (the one in L.A. - It's nearly as good as our one).

Huge congratulations to all the children who participated. Each and every one of them showed truly impressive commitment and talent in rehearsing and performing such a demanding and high-quality show. Congratulations and special thanks, too, to Choirmistress/Choreographer/Creative Director Ms. Ledwith, and not forgetting all the members of staff and parents who helped out in preparing the sets, costumes and performances. Thanks, also, to Corless Formal Wear of Dominic St., which generously provided the sharp suits for our Bad Guys.

NB There are a LOT of photos in the galleries below, and they might take a while to load on your device. Be patient, it will be worth it!

Pre-Show Snaps, the Choir, our Presenters and the Magical Musicians


Be Our Guest and Annie


Boppin' to some Beastly Beats


Bugsy Malone: Sassy Dames and Swell Guys


The Sound of Music... and More